Bentley Manual Recliner

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Sink into pure relaxation as you experience the Bentley. A manual recliner chair also available as a sofa. Sensational value, it offers oversized seating and a high back with great lumbar support.

Colour: Ash Grey


Welcome to the Bentley collection, a testament to our family furniture business's commitment to crafting comfortable, durable, and stylish furniture for over 50 years. Designed with the needs of families in mind, the Bentley is a perfect addition to your home, offering both the 3 Seater and Recliner formats.

Sink into pure relaxation as you experience the manual recliner feature of the Bentley. With an effortless mechanism, you can easily adjust the reclining position to find your ideal level of comfort. Whether it's enjoying a movie night, reading a book, or simply taking a nap, the Bentley ensures everyone can unwind in their preferred position.

We understand the importance of maintaining good posture and back support, especially for families who spend significant time relaxing together.

That's why the Bentley features a high back design and built-in lumbar support. Whether you're sitting upright for conversations or reclining for maximum comfort, the Bentley promotes proper alignment and reduces strain on the back, ensuring a cozy and healthy seating experience for everyone.

Choose from three beautiful colors - Jet, Ash Grey, and Agean - to match your family's style and complement your existing decor. The Jet color brings a touch of sophistication and elegance, while the Ash Grey color exudes a timeless charm. The Agean option adds a vibrant and playful element to your living space, perfect for families with young children.

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Beryl Kenney, Mandurah

Most pleased with Dan from Mandurah Dankz. Went above salesmanship. Recliners wonderful.

Miana Kel, Osborne Park

Great experience instore. The staff member was very helpful and easy to deal with. Highly recommend this business. There were a few customers after us that were being very difficult to deal (regarding a return) with but the staff member handled them with professionalism. The recliner armchair we got was perfect and thank you for giving us the time to try as many as we needed to to find the one that was the most comfortable.

Ronald Stobie, Joondalup

Great service, Salesman was very informative and pleasant, the recliner i bought was perfect for my reclining years. Thank you Dankz Furniture.

inefekt69, Osborne Park

Purchased the Spielberg home cinema dual recliner. Great product, has two motors so the head rest can be operated independently. Material is great and looks like it will last a long time. Delivery was quick and drivers assembled it in short time. Will certainly recommended Dankz.

Sami Nazem, Willeton

I purchased an automatic recliner. The price was very reasonable, and it had more features than other stores. The sale lady was very friendly, quick delivery and quality is also so good. No problem with the chair after 8 months of purchase.