Our Story

Family owned & proudly West Australian.

Our Story

In the 1950s Perth was a big country town. To get ahead you had to be good with your hands. Industry was focused on construction and logging and the economy was doing it tough. Kevin Arnold was 20. He’d left school at 13 and had a variety of short term jobs, trying to make ends meet so he could pay his rent and buy his food. 

One day he decided to make a sofa bed. It turns out it was a very good sofa bed. 

His friend bought it from him. So he made another. A different friend bought it. Pretty soon orders for friends and family had given way to orders for wholesalers and retailers. His reputation for quality product was growing and growing. He was recycling premium grade Jarrah timber – offcuts from the construction industry – as he knew you couldn’t get a better material to make a frame from. He’d learnt some upholstery techniques and was making products in new materials and patterns. 

Dankz was formed in 1967 and by the mid 1970s, it was firmly established as one of the major manufacturers of sofas and dining suites in Perth. Iconic products such as the New Yorker were a fixture in households across the state.


years collective experience brought by our dedicated team


years crafting quality furniture for West Australians


Dankz Furniture Showrooms across Western Australia

Kevin's craftsmanship and eye for design set the platform that still exists at Dankz today. The state's only surviving large scale furniture manufacturing facility is the home of Dankz's design and technical innovation team, spearheaded by Kevin’s sons Michael and Clayton Arnold. 

All retailers can trumpet their technical credentials. But at Dankz we believe in manufacturing in your own facilities, under your own roof, in your own market. Day in, day out it allows you to progress your technology and evolve your range. We learn from ourselves and from our customers. We scour the world for the best techniques and innovations. When we can we adapt them and make them better. When we can’t, we bring them back for all West Australians to enjoy. 

In the same way that Kevin did, the brothers pride themselves on style, durability, functionality and comfort. Dankz customers are greeted by choice and wowed by flexibility.

Mimicking Kevin’s passion for upholstery, they select only the best and most innovative fabrics. The local manufacturing unit allows customers to custom cover their choice of lounge suites in standard or non standard design ideas and fabric solutions.   A focus on the manufacturing of Jarrah dining tables has evolved to include WA Marri wood, glass and white lacquer.

It was recycled Jarrah that gave Dankz it’s reputation for quality and there is still no more durable a material to construct furniture from. With lifetime frame warranties the standard for Dankz sofas, their Jarrah and Marri timber dinning ranges are a fixture in many WA homes.

Sofas and dining tables are often the heart of family life. Functionality and adaptability make a piece of furniture last generations. With tables and sofas still made to measure in Osborne Park, if you can’t find what you want in the standard ranges, we can make whatever you need.

An overriding part of the design philosophy is to ensure that Dankz furniture is the most comfortable on the market. We’ve been making furniture for West Australians for 50 years so we know what works. Only the highest quality foam, rigorously graded to exacting standards, makes the cut. Our seats are deeper, the spring systems and mesh systems are better placed and better planned. Our passion for comfort means we’ll back anything we make in a comfort test against our competitors. 

With 6 stores across the state, we’ve easily available to all West Australians with a passion for quality, well designed furniture at accessible prices. With our flagship products produced centrally in Osborne Park, our Platinum Collection range is a compilation of the best products from around the world, that we couldn’t let West Australians miss out on. Scandinavia is well known for its furniture design, that’s why we’re the largest stockists of the prestigious Scandanavian IMG brand.

When you next look for a new item of furniture, whether it be in 3 weeks or 30 years, we’ll be here and we look forward to serving you. 

Every piece of furniture produced in our factory is handmade with love and integrity.

Our Factory

Made in WA. Just like us.

Factory is perhaps the wrong term to use. It conjures up images of mass-produced, machine-made furniture, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Every piece of furniture we produce is handmade with pride and integrity.

The last of its kind in WA.

Our Osborne Park factory is the only surviving large-scale furniture manufacturing workshop in WA. We like to think that’s because of the enduring quality of our work and the 200-plus years of collective experience that our dedicated team of seamstresses, pattern cutters, frame-workers and upholsterers bring to work each day.

Dankz Furniture

The Comfort of Home

Comfort. Above All Else.

If a piece of furniture isn't comfortable, everything else is irrelevant.

Made in WA. Just like Us.

Over 200 years of experience in building furniture just the way you like it.

Built to Last. And Last...

Built once. Built well. Using craftsmanship and quality materials.

Aches & Pains? We've got your back.

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