Dining tables, coffee tables, lamp tables, sofa tables, hall tables and more! A huge range of timber, glass and lacquer units across many different styles and sizes. Pick a unique piece or buy as part of a matching range.


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Chicago Dining TableChicago Dining Table
Sale priceFrom $849.00 Regular price$1,049.00
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Yallingup Dining TableYallingup Dining Table
Sale priceFrom $1,199.00 Regular price$1,499.00
Save 25%
Florida Lamp TableFlorida Lamp Table
Sale price$359.00 Regular price$479.00
On sale
Florida Dining TableFlorida Dining Table
Sale priceFrom $679.00 Regular price$899.00
Save 26%
Katherine Coffee Table
Sale price$629.00 Regular price$849.00
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Katherine Dining TableKatherine Dining Table
Sale priceFrom $749.00 Regular price$999.00
Save 25%
Orlando Lamp TableOrlando Lamp Table
Sale price$829.00 Regular price$1,099.00
Save 20%
Stoneleigh Extension Dining TableStoneleigh Extension Dining Table
Sale price$1,599.00 Regular price$1,999.00
Save 46%
Monte Carlo Dining TableMonte Carlo Dining Table
Sale price$1,299.00 Regular price$2,399.00
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Miami Dining TableMiami Dining Table
Sale priceFrom $1,249.00 Regular price$1,599.00
Save 15%
Adele Dining TableAdele Dining Table
Sale price$1,099.00 Regular price$1,299.00
Save 23%
Florida Hall Table
Sale price$579.00 Regular price$749.00
Save 22%
Florida Coffee TableFlorida Coffee Table
Sale price$699.00 Regular price$899.00
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Alpine Dining TableAlpine Dining Table
Sale priceFrom $599.00 Regular price$1,049.00
Save 32%
Alpine Lamp TableAlpine Lamp Table
Sale price$339.00 Regular price$499.00
Save 20%
Ocean Grove Lamp TableOcean Grove Lamp Table
Sale price$279.00 Regular price$349.00
Save 25%
Chicago Lamp TableChicago Lamp Table
Sale price$449.00 Regular price$599.00
Save 15%
Chicago Hall TableChicago Hall Table
Sale price$849.00 Regular price$999.00
Save 22%
Chicago Coffee TableChicago Coffee Table
Sale price$699.00 Regular price$899.00
Save 25%
Katherine Lamp TableKatherine Lamp Table
Sale price$239.00 Regular price$319.00
Save 25%
Katherine Sofa TableKatherine Sofa Table
Sale price$569.00 Regular price$759.00
Save 43%
Scan Lamp TableScan Lamp Table
Sale price$399.00 Regular price$699.00
Save 39%
Scan Coffee TableScan Coffee Table
Sale price$549.00 Regular price$899.00
Save 24%
Ascari Dining TableAscari Dining Table
Sale price$2,799.00 Regular price$3,699.00
Save 23%
Miami Lamp TableMiami Lamp Table
Sale price$499.00 Regular price$649.00
Save 18%
Miami Coffee Table
Sale price$699.00 Regular price$849.00
Save 33%
Versailles Lamp TableVersailles Lamp Table
Sale price$249.00 Regular price$369.00
Save 17%
Orlando Hall TableOrlando Hall Table
Sale price$1,499.00 Regular price$1,799.00
Save 20%
Orlando Nest of TablesOrlando Nest of Tables
Sale price$1,199.00 Regular price$1,499.00
Save 33%
Versailles Coffee TableVersailles Coffee Table
Sale price$399.00 Regular price$599.00
Save 22%
Orlando Coffee TableOrlando Coffee Table
Sale price$1,399.00 Regular price$1,799.00
Save 25%
Tavamo Dining TableTavamo Dining Table
Sale price$1,499.00 Regular price$1,999.00
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Orlando Dining TableOrlando Dining Table
Sale priceFrom $1,999.00 Regular price$2,699.00
Save 40%
Versailles Dining TableVersailles Dining Table
Sale price$899.00 Regular price$1,499.00
Save 11%
Hilton Coffee TableHilton Coffee Table
Sale price$1,199.00 Regular price$1,349.00
Save 14%
Yallingup Coffee TableYallingup Coffee Table
Sale price$899.00 Regular price$1,049.00
Save 21%
Yallingup Lamp TableYallingup Lamp Table
Sale price$549.00 Regular price$699.00
Save 16%
Yallingup Sofa TableYallingup Sofa Table
Sale price$799.00 Regular price$949.00
Save 43%
Valetta Lamp TableValetta Lamp Table
Sale price$399.00 Regular price$699.00
Save 44%
Valetta Coffee TableValetta Coffee Table
Sale price$499.00 Regular price$899.00
Save 38%
Senti Coffee TableSenti Coffee Table
Sale price$749.00 Regular price$1,199.00
Save 35%
Monte Carlo Lamp TableMonte Carlo Lamp Table
Sale price$389.00 Regular price$599.00
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Hilton Dining TableHilton Dining Table
Sale priceFrom $1,999.00 Regular price$2,399.00
Save 30%
Denver Dining Table
Sale price$1,549.00 Regular price$2,199.00
Save 30%
Denver Hall TableDenver Hall Table
Sale price$699.00 Regular price$999.00
Save 31%
Alpine Hall TableAlpine Hall Table
Sale price$549.00 Regular price$799.00
Save 30%
Alpine Coffee TableAlpine Coffee Table
Sale price$629.00 Regular price$899.00
Save 20%
Ocean Grove Coffee Table
Sale price$479.00 Regular price$599.00