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Dankz Furniture has a huge range of the most comfortable chairs, armchairs and recliners in Perth. Choose from our locally made favourites that have been popular for generations, or find the best styles and designs from around the world.

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Dankz Furniture has a large range of chairs, designed for comfort and built with style. With options to choose your colour and fabric, you'll find a suitable a piece for any room in the house.


Kick back and relax with the largest range of armchairs in Western Australia. From high back to low back, Industrial to Hamptons and everything in between!

Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are single-seater chairs designed to capture attention and provide an additional seating option. Perfect as an addition to your living area, the accent chair is also a frequent bedroom accessory - perfect for reading a book if not piled high.

Manual Recliners

Stretching right out in comfort has to be a number one priority. WIth our range of manual recliners you can stretch out anywhere, anytime!

Electric Recliners

A touch of button will have you reclined to your perfect position. Watching TV, reading a book or talking with friends and family. It all deserves to be done in comfort.

Swivel Chairs

Oversized swivel chairs are great to curl up and relax in. Read a book, snuggle up with a loved one or simply watch the world go by.

Tub Chairs

Tub chairs became popular in Victorian England and were named by an American designer - as they resembled the bathtub of the time. Highly regarded in modern times for their elegance, you can choose from plenty of fabrics and colours to design your perfect chair.