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Are recliners good for a bad back?

While it’s always advisable to seek the advice of a medical professional if you have a bad back, it’s true to say that some sofa, chair and recliner designs can be better for a bad back than others. IMG recliners, for example, feature lumbar support that not only makes you feel super comfortable, but can also help ease lower back pain because it supports the natural curve of your spine.

What is it about recliners that makes them so popular?

Many people like a beautifully designed recliner because it feels comfortable and relaxing. Others appreciate the extra support a recliner offers because it helps alleviate feelings of pressure and pain. In a recliner, your body weight is more evenly distributed, putting less stress on your spine and ensuring your back gets some well-deserved rest.

Can a recliner really be super-comfortable and stylish?

I know I’m biased, but I think IMG fits the bill perfectly with a range of contemporary recliners that combine on-trend Nordic design with back-loving support and comfort. It’s the sort of design that complements a range of decorating styles and will always look good, year after year. What’s more, your Nordic recliner will offer you year after year of comfort and support.