Interior Design

Interior Design

Help! How can I make a decision when there's so much to choose from?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. If you already have a style in mind, that certainly helps because it gives you a starting point. Even some pages from a magazine or an online pinboard can help focus your ideas.

What styles and colours are popular right now?

Contemporary sofas in neutrals colours such as grey and cream are always popular as the look can easily be changed with cushions and throws depending on your mood or the season. Some of the on-trend styles at the moment include Mid-Century Modern, which might direct your fabric choices towards retro-inspired patterns and colours. Then there’s the popular Hamptons style, which usually calls for soft blues, greys and creams, in organic, textured fabrics. Velvets are currently a favourite with those after a little extra luxury, or maybe a modern Palm Springs or art deco style. Even if you don’t have a style in mind, your Dankz consultant can guide you, helping you chose a fabric or leather that matches both your home and your lifestyle.

How do I know how big my sofa should be?

The size of the room will usually dictate the size of the sofa. As a guide, you’ll want to choose something that will anchor the room, but not overwhelm it. Another factor to take into consideration is how many people will be using the sofa. Will all the family be piling onto the sofa at the same time to watch a movie, for example? And how do you like to use your sofa? Do you like to lie down? Stretch out? Curl up? Thinking about these things will help you select the perfect sofa.