Why is one foam better than another?

We usually think of comfort when we think of foam, but foam also dictates how your sofa or chair will last over the long term. There are a lot of foams on offer, but only premium grade foams will go the distance, making sure your sofa or chair stays comfortable year after year.

So what’s the key to a good foam?

Density is the key word because the density is all about the quality and the durability. The higher the density, the better the foam. The better the foam, the longer it will keep its shape and stay comfy. To make life easier, there’s a standard industry coding system that specifies a foam’s density.

But surely a foam’s ‘hardness’ is important as well?

While the coding system also specifies a foam’s hardness, it’s important not to mistake hardness for quality. Hardness is just that – a measure of how hard the foam is. For long-term comfort, density is the what we pay attention to.