Dankz Factory

Why do you use jarrah for your WA-made sofa frames?

Why would we use anything else? Seriously though, good-quality jarrah is strong. It’s this inherent strength, combined with our team’s collective experience and attention to detail, that enables us to offer a 10-year warranty on our handmade sofa frames. We also glue, nail and reinforce all our jarrah frames in high-stress areas for added strength and durability. When you’re buying a piece of furniture as important as a sofa, you want to know it’s been built to last.

But surely jarrah isn’t an eco-friendly material to use?

As a local business were concerned by the environmental footprint left by industry on our wonderful state. We recycle premium Jarrah by-products (such as offcuts in the building industry) and use them for our timber frames. By turning the waste products of one industry into a key inputs to another industry, we maximise the use of our resources in WA.

How long has Dankz been making sofas in WA?

Dankz has been making sofas in WA for more than 50 years. Our factory in Osborne Park is WA’s last remaining large-scale furniture manufacturing facility. You’re always welcome to arrange a behind-the-scenes tour so you can see how we do things. We’d love to show you around.