How do I know a fabric is going to be hardwearing?

Advances in textile manufacturing mean there’s a great range of what you might hear called ‘high-performance fabrics’. They’re designed to last and typically offer in-built protection against mould, moths, bacteria and odours. Many also repel stains and pilling. Some are pet-friendly as they’re also resistant to scratches.

But won’t the choice be limited?

Today’s high-performance fabrics come in a huge range of colours, patterns and styles, which means you’ll still be able to create the look you want, whether that’s classic, contemporary or confidently on-trend. Picking a hardwearing fabric really does give you the best of both worlds – style and performance.

Any names to look out for?

If you’re after something that will go the extra mile, then names to look out for include HealthGuard, Halo and Macrosuede. Your Dankz consultant can show you samples and offer advice so you get a hardwearing fabric that matches your style too.