How to find the perfect sofa

How to find the perfect sofa

At Dankz we measure ourselves on comfort. Whatever you choose, comfort is guaranteed. 

Finding a sofa that looks good? That’s the easy bit. 

Making sure it's ideal for you and your family? Thats the hard bit. 

That’s not always quite so straightforward, which is why we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Simply consider how you’d answer the following 10 questions and you’ll soon find yourself sinking into the sofa of your dreams. Not only will your new sofa earn those all-important style points, but it will also be the perfect fit for you, your needs and your home. 

  1. What room are you buying the sofa for? A sofa for a kids’ activity room will be exposed to much more wear and tear and rough and tumble than, say, a sofa in a quiet sitting room.
  2. Who will use the sofa? Is this a sofa the whole family can pile onto, along with Fido and Fifi, or is it an elegant little two-seater destined for a bedroom retreat? Who the main occupants will be is just as important as where it will be situated.
  3. What style are you looking for? Having a specific decorating style in mind can point you in the direction of certain shapes, colours and fabrics. Or you may simply want a timeless sofa that fits with any style.  
  4. How do you want to use it? Yes, sitting on. Most probably. But are you also a lounger? A snoozer? A curler-upper? Do you want something big and slouchy, or neat and upright?
  5. How much do you want to spend? Having a rough idea of whether you’re shopping to a small, mid-range, or super-sized budget will help narrow the field. 
  6. Any specific requirements? You might need good lumbar support for a sore back, for example, or know you want a high-backed sofa for good head and neck support. Or maybe you want to include an ottoman or are looking for a design with built-in cup holders. The options are many and varied.
  7. What size do you need? Is this to fit a small space or do you have the room to go big and bold? Grab a tape measure to confirm room dimensions, or hunt out your house plans if you can.
  8. How comfy is comfy? We’re all about comfort here at Dankz, but what does comfort mean to you? Are you looking for comfy, super-comfy or ultra-super-comfy? 
  9. How long do you want it to last? Sometimes we want to invest in furniture that lasts a lifetime, other times we might need something to fill a need in the short term. Maybe you need something in between?
  10. What space do you take up? Some designs are more suited to certain body shapes and sizes. If you’re long and leggy, for example, you might find some designs more comfortable than others.

Don’t forget that loads of our sofas can be customised to suit. Or our team can start from scratch and design a one-off just for you. 

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