How to find the best sofas for a bad back

How to find the best sofas for a bad back

Trying to find the perfect sofa can be daunting enough, but hunting down a choice of comfortable sofas for bad backs? That just adds an extra layer of complexity to the task. It’s the same when trying to find easy chairs for bad backs.

But fret not. 

Dankz has your back.

Here are our experts’ top tips to help you find sofas and easy chairs that give your spine lots of love, helping to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

  1. Avoid soft sofas. As a rule, it’s best to avoid designs that encourage you to slump and slouch as you’ll be putting unnecessary pressure on your back. It may be tempting to head for the softest sofa you can find thinking it will be the most comfortable couch ever, but your back probably won’t thank you in the long run. Sofas that are mid-firm to firm generally do a better job of encouraging good posture and keeping your spine happy. 
  2. Look for lumbar support. Many designs incorporate specific support for the lower back, which can be especially beneficial. Some include electric adjustable lumbar support, enabling you to customise your sofa or chair at the touch of a button.  
  3. Try it before you buy it. It really is worth taking the time to try out as many sofas as you can so you get a real feel for the different levels of support available. Head for a sofa showroom where you can feel relaxed and unhurried as you test out the best couches for a bad back. What looks good on the pages of a design magazine or snazzy website might not offer you the support you need. Spending time in the showroom means you can put endless options to the test and let your back do the talking. 
  4. Consider a recliner. Recliners help take pressure off your back. Less pressure usually means less pain and discomfort.  Some people have described the ultimate recliner as like experiencing ‘zero gravity’ or that lovely weightlessness you get floating in a pool. Fans of recliners often say they’re hands down the best chair for a bad back. A good-quality recliner gives you the win-win of a reclined, pressure-relieving position, plus well-designed lumbar support for the lower back. And there’s absolutely no need to sacrifice style. Today’s huge range of recliners includes swish Nordic designs from companies such as IMG. Whether as a separate piece of furniture or as part of a sofa, a recliner can be one of the best chairs for a bad back because it helps you avoid the triggers that can often aggravate back pain.
  5. Talk to the experts. An experienced furniture company will have consultants who already know the best options for customers with bad backs, especially if it’s a company that makes its own sofas, chairs and recliners. The staff will know exactly which designs are most sympathetic to aches and pains, and which offer the best lumbar support. They’ll be able to show you comfortable sofas for bad backs, the best lounge chairs for bad backs and the best recliners for bad backs so you can explore all the options. Lift chairs might also be worth looking at if you have chronic back pain. Again, an experienced sofa company will be able to talk you through all the options and functions.
  6. Consider custom-made. It’s easier and more cost-effective than you might think to design a bespoke solution; something with just the right amount of support, whether it’s the shape of the sofa, the density of the foam used, the design of the lumbar support or the position of the headrest. The result is a lounge suite with a chair, recliner or sofa section made just for you. The family’s happy with their stylish new lounge suite and, most importantly, you’re helping to keep your back happy too. 

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