Product Disconnect Notice - Macpherson

Dear Valued Customer,


We have been notified by the manufacturer of an electrical issue with the ELECTRIC CUP HOLDER- LIGHT for all Macpherson/Juliet, Paramount and Jordan Electric Recliners

We wish to advise that the Electric CUP HOLDER ( with LIGHT) component in the Macpherson/Juliet, Paramount and Jordan 2 Seater Electric Recliner Suites installed in each armrest, that during use, the electrical components of the cup-holder may overheat, which may result in the surrounding material of the recliner/sofa catching fire.

1. Please immediately read this disconnect notice.

2. Please immediately make cup holder into a NON POWER cupholder so that Lounge can still be used.

3. Please find lighted cup holder video here

One of the Dankz Furniture team is currently reaching out to all affected customers to discuss this matter. Please speak directly with them. The staff in our stores are not in a position to help with enquiries about this.

Our supplier apologizes for the inconvenience and we would like to thank you for assistance on this matter.


Dankz Furniture