How do I know a fabric is going to be hardwearing?

Advances in textile manufacturing mean there’s a great range of what you might hear called ‘high-performance fabrics’. They’re designed to last and typically offer in-built protection against mould, moths, bacteria and odours. Many also repel stains and pilling. Some are pet-friendly as they’re also resistant to scratches.

But won’t the choice be limited?

Today’s high-performance fabrics come in a huge range of colours, patterns and styles, which means you’ll still be able to create the look you want, whether that’s classic, contemporary or confidently on-trend. Picking a hardwearing fabric really does give you the best of both worlds – style and performance.

Any names to look out for?

If you’re after something that will go the extra mile, then names to look out for include HealthGuard, Halo and Macrosuede. Your Dankz consultant can show you samples and offer advice so you get a hardwearing fabric that matches your style too.


Help! How can I make a decision when there’s so much to choose from?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. If you already have a style in mind, that certainly helps because it gives you a starting point. Even some pages from a magazine or an online pinboard can help focus your ideas.

What styles and colours are popular right now?

Contemporary sofas in neutrals colours such as grey and cream are always popular as the look can easily be changed with cushions and throws depending on your mood or the season. Some of the on-trend styles at the moment include Mid-Century Modern, which might direct your fabric choices towards retro-inspired patterns and colours. Then there’s the popular Hamptons style, which usually calls for soft blues, greys and creams, in organic, textured fabrics. Velvets are currently a favourite with those after a little extra luxury, or maybe a modern Palm Springs or art deco style. Even if you don’t have a style in mind, your Dankz consultant can guide you, helping you chose a fabric or leather that matches both your home and your lifestyle.

How do I know how big my sofa should be?

The size of the room will usually dictate the size of the sofa. As a guide, you’ll want to choose something that will anchor the room, but not overwhelm it. Another factor to take into consideration is how many people will be using the sofa. Will all the family be piling onto the sofa at the same time to watch a movie, for example? And how do you like to use your sofa? Do you like to lie down? Stretch out? Curl up? Thinking about these things will help you select the perfect sofa.


Why do you use jarrah for your WA-made sofa frames?

Why would we use anything else? Seriously though, good-quality jarrah is strong. It’s this inherent strength, combined with our team’s collective experience and attention to detail, that enables us to offer a 10-year warranty on our handmade sofa frames. We also glue, nail and reinforce all our jarrah frames in high-stress areas for added strength and durability. When you’re buying a piece of furniture as important as a sofa, you want to know it’s been built to last.

But surely jarrah isn’t an eco-friendly material to use?

As a local business were concerned by the environmental footprint left by industry on our wonderful state. We recycle premium Jarrah by-products (such as offcuts in the building industry) and use them for our timber frames. By turning the waste products of one industry into a key inputs to another industry, we maximise the use of our resources in WA.

How long has Dankz been making sofas in WA?

Dankz has been making sofas in WA for more than 50 years. Our factory in Osborne Park is WA’s last remaining large-scale furniture manufacturing facility. You’re always welcome to arrange a behind-the-scenes tour so you can see how we do things. We’d love to show you around.


Why is one foam better than another?

We usually think of comfort when we think of foam, but foam also dictates how your sofa or chair will last over the long term. There are a lot of foams on offer, but only premium grade foams will go the distance, making sure your sofa or chair stays comfortable year after year.

So what’s the key to a good foam?

Density is the key word because the density is all about the quality and the durability. The higher the density, the better the foam. The better the foam, the longer it will keep its shape and stay comfy. To make life easier, there’s a standard industry coding system that specifies a foam’s density.

But surely a foam’s ‘hardness’ is important as well?

While the coding system also specifies a foam’s hardness, it’s important not to mistake hardness for quality. Hardness is just that – a measure of how hard the foam is. For long-term comfort, density is the what we pay attention to.


Are recliners good for a bad back?

While it’s always advisable to seek the advice of a medical professional if you have a bad back, it’s true to say that some sofa, chair and recliner designs can be better for a bad back than others. IMG recliners, for example, feature lumbar support that not only makes you feel super comfortable, but can also help ease lower back pain because it supports the natural curve of your spine.

What is it about recliners that makes them so popular?

Many people like a beautifully designed recliner because it feels comfortable and relaxing. Others appreciate the extra support a recliner offers because it helps alleviate feelings of pressure and pain. In a recliner, your body weight is more evenly distributed, putting less stress on your spine and ensuring your back gets some well-deserved rest.

Can a recliner really be super-comfortable and stylish?

I know I’m biased, but I think IMG fits the bill perfectly with a range of contemporary recliners that combine on-trend Nordic design with back-loving support and comfort. It’s the sort of design that complements a range of decorating styles and will always look good, year after year. What’s more, your Nordic recliner will offer you year after year of comfort and support.